Impact Iron is based in Perth W.A. and provides wear products throughout Australia. We design and engineer our wear products to suit a variety of equipment and applications. Heel Shrouds for excavator and face shovel buckets through to underground LHD, grader and bulldozer cutting edges, Impact Iron has a product to suit your application and equipment.

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Our Patented product, QuickBlock™ is an excavator, face shovel and underground LHD bucket wear product that is revolutionary compared to conventional products. Heel shrouds are a steel wear product attached to the bucket where the sides and floor meet and are a consumable wear product. The heel shroud wears away while protecting the bucket parent material and are replaced when they no longer are able to provide sufficient protection.

Conventionally heel shrouds have been a weld on product which requires a labour intensive and time consuming replacement process, resulting in the need for specialised labour and tooling. There is also a considerable amount of downtime required to constantly maintain or replace them which impacts on production time for the machine. The Impact Iron QuickBlock™ bolt on heel shroud significantly reduces the need for specialised labour and tooling required for conventional heel shroud replacement, resulting in the reduction of machine downtime by up to 80%. We also supply a range of agricultural products with tungsten inclusion to reduce wear and replacements for tillage, plowing and seeding.

Impact Iron can provide a regular maintenance service for all equipment provided. This can be arranged to suit the various service periods or outages of client operations and equipment. We are flexible and can be available at short notice should there be a need for urgent attention to equipment. Any maintenance agreement can be as simple, or thorough as the client requires.


Impact Iron develop their products with a desire to reduce equipment downtime, reduce costs and increase client productivity.


Impact Iron QuickBlock™ reduces the change out time for heal shrouds by approximately 80% per piece compared to weld on products.


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